sistrnightingale asked: Hey, so how excited are you for the Lights concert!?! :D hksahlfjdshfajks

You dont even know. Its my third time seeing her and second time having to fly up north to see her. I cant handle it shsksveiwosndbqiaprieba

Doing a “class” at whole foods

And tumblr is just so very entertaining and is saving me from death by boredom


If you are going to mention marvel comics characters, please pronounce the names right. The black panthers name is T’challa. Tuh-chall-uh. Not challa.

Landon donovan blows. End of story

My goal in life is to get as many tattoos as i can and eat skittles


So it looks like Lights isn’t coming out after the shows to do meet & greets.

For the people who’ve met her so far on this tour, what time of day did she come out at?

I like hand tattoos. A lot.

Did not make this
Didnt make this
Didnt make this

I made none of these